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Our Story

QM Advisors is an independent financial advisory firm dedicated to helping each one of our clients pursue their unique financial goals. The firm was created out of the desire to help individual investors succeed at investing in a world where it may seem that the individual loses out and is competing on an un-level playing field against big institutions and ultra-wealthy investors.

At many financial advisory firms, you are typically given a “modern portfolio theory” allocation of managers by a salesperson with no real access to the money manager. Or, you are asked to buy into a “black-box” that you just have to trust will work and have no understanding of what that box really does. 
At QM Advisors, we are breaking the old business model and introducing a new approach for our 21st-century world. We give our clients full transparency into our process of investment management, and our clients have direct access to the money managers.
Of course, the money management is only one piece of the puzzle. The most important piece is YOU and your personal process for making decisions.
Over our combined 40 years of experience, we have learned a few simple truths that most people are unaware of or simply ignore, to their detriment.

1.    If you have a lot of money, you get access to the money managers who are willing to talk to you and unveil their process, but everyone else, for the most part, is left in the dark.
2.    Regardless of the size of the account, few people actually understand the investment process for which they are buying. 
3.    Most investors do not understand their personal decision-making process and the biases that lead them to make often emotion-driven decisions. These decisions often lead to poor investment performance regardless of how good the money management has been.
4.    Extremely wealthy individuals and big institutions have an advantage over the average investor when it comes to money management and investment opportunities.
5.    Many money managers will hold onto a process that is flawed because it worked in a particular set of circumstances, and because of their own emotion and decision-making biases, they do not change as market structure changes. This attachment can lead to poor performance results.
Founded by David Simmons and Darren Heil, QM Advisors blends behavioral finance theory, goals-based financial planning, and our proprietary investment strategies. We believe this approach takes emotion out of our rules-based investment process and brings a higher level of money management to individual investors that many large institutional investors have already adopted. 
At QM Advisors, the difference is we open our "black-box" and explain it to you until you understand it (we will talk about and explain it until you are ready to close the box and throw it out the window with us in it). You always have access to the money managers, and we have a process to deal with your personal decision-making process and biases. 

Our investment process is constantly evolving as market structure changes, but one thing always rings true: we will always have a mathematical rules-based process that takes emotion out of the equation.


At QM Advisors, we don’t claim to have the silver bullet for getting you where you want to go. We simply believe we have an investment process and set of tools that have been honed thru decades of experience. We believe that our process takes the emotion out of the equation, makes you aware of how you make decisions, and provides you the tools to deal with your biases. 


By using our integrated approach to wealth management, we believe you will have more investing success, less stress, achieve more goals and lead a happier financial life. 

We know that we are not a fit for everyone.  However, if our story and approach resonate with you, we would welcome a conversation to see if there is a mutual fit.  Please feel free to contact us via the phone or email below.

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