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John Bauman

Financial Advisor

John has always had a passion for the financial markets and helping others achieve their goals. John has had a 20+ years career in the healthcare industry with experience as a project manager and business analyst. In addition, John has experience in the investing world having worked at a small Registered Investment Advisor that focused on tactical money management. During his career, he has developed the skills and ability to develop a clear, concise, and actionable plan from large amounts of information and complex problems as well as putting the plan in place and coaching individuals and companies through the process. His time at the tactical money manager deepened his understanding of the financial markets. It is this unique set of skills that will allow John to help individuals with their unique and complex financial lives develop a plan of action, implement the plan, and coach them through the process.

John brought his unique skill set, passion for the financial markets, and helping people achieve their goals to QM Advisors in 2019. It is here that he is combining his decades of experience in business and experience in the investing world together to bring well-rounded and analytical financial plans, analytical investment solutions, and coaching together develop financial plans, implement those plans, and coach people through the process of achieving their dreams.

John is a graduate from the University of Georgia and achieved a degree in Microbiology from the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. John lives in Destin, FL with his wife Kim. They love the beach life and living on the water, but they always enjoy visiting friends and family in the Atlanta area. Their son, Tyler, is a college student and lives in Athens, GA. John is also an avid Georgia football fan and a student of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.


To contact John, please call (404) 956-2770 or
send email to:

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